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Polyurethane is used extensively in the manufacture of many items for a growing number of industries. Products such as conveyor belt scrapers, wear strips, impact bars, scraper blades, and chute linings.

See below a list of current products regularly supplied:

  • Belt scrapers
  • Machine scrapers
  • Casting moulds
  • Sheets and strips
  • Impact bars
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Bonded Polyurethane to steel
  • Flame retardant Polyurethane
  • Tubes and rods

These polyurethane products are widely utilised for their abrasion and impact resistant qualities.

PPR Products are able to supply these items bespoke to your specific requirements adding slots, holes and even metal inserts for added strength.

We supply a wide range of specialised Polyurethane products for all types of use within the Offshore Rig industry.  Working with manufacturers who have spent many years perfecting a high tech bonding processes, which allows the bonding of Polyurethane to steel and various other materials.  We are perfectly placed to supply the products required to meet the tough environment that the offshore industry demands.

With our expertise and experience we have supplied many companies with bespoke products helping to complete and undertake new projects.  We would welcome the opportunity to provide a solution to your needs.

For further information on these products please contact our dedicated sales team.